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This past Tuesday, I recruited the first member of my downline. She learned about me through one of the forums that I advertise my Avon business and she had gotten in contact with me over the summer. Initially, she just called me over the phone and we discussed some of the benefits of becoming an independent sales rep that I had experienced personally. Of course, she was initially apprehensive and unsure, however, over the course of a couple of weeks, she really warmed up to the idea.
Finally, she called me up this past week and told me that she was ready to sign up and eager to be in business for herself. This was very exciting, not only because she would become the first member in my downline, but also because I knew that this would be a great opportunity for her since she is a single mother trying to make ends meet with three teenage children.
We arranged to meet at the District Office in order to conduct her initial interview and to provide her with her start-up materials. I have to admit that I was a little nervous because I wanted to make sure that everything was explained to her thoroughly and that she left the interview with a sense that she would be supported throughout her venture.
As I reflect on the recruiting process, here are some tips that I have learned along this journey that I would like to share with other Avon Reps who are trying to recruit their downline:

1. Market your Avon business on as many free and social forums as possible. Let others know that you sell Avon and that you can share this business opportunity with them.

2. Make yourself available to speak to potential customers and recruits. Be professional and return phone calls and maintain an open communication.

3. Be honest with prospective recruits. Do not promise them that they will become rich tomorrow and let them know that their Avon business will only grow as much as they want it to grow based on the effort that they put into it.

4. Follow up with your downline and support them as they begin to grow their business. Their success is your success.

5. Always maintain professional relationships and do not mix business with anything else.
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