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This afternoon, I attended an Avon Red Carpet Event. Basically, it was a large luncheon at a nearby restaurant where Representatives from four districts got together to learn about up and coming items that will be available through Avon. The invitation promised door prizes, raffles, and an exclusive sneak peek at three exciting items that will debut in Campaign 24.

As I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout as the restaurant was almost completely packed. Also, I enjoyed the casual way that everyone was just mingling and networking. The District Representatives introduced each item and went around so everyone could check out each product individually. In between the presentations, we were all eating and talking about some of the techniques that we use to make our Avon business successful.

I am extremelly excited about having the opportunity to offer these new items to my customers. First, we were introduced to the new Reese Witherspoon perfume, "Bloom", which is comparable to many of the high priced brands that are available at retail stores. The perfume itself smells heavenly and it comes in a beautiful bottle with a flower shaped top. Second, we smelled Patrick Dempsey's new cologne, "Unscripted II", which has a very musky and manly scent sure to entice a lot of men. Lastly, we viewed a demonstration of the new Sharper Image palm sized camcorder. I can definitely tell you that the brochure picture does not do this item justice as it is simply amazing.

Besides the added bonus of learning about upcoming items, I really had an opportunity to network and to speak to other independent Avon Representatives about what things work for them. It was great to see how eager everyone was to share their selling ideas with each other. I really left the meeting with a lot of good new ideas about how to market my products and my business.

The wisdom that I would like to impart here, to my fellow Avon Representatives, is not to pass up the opportunity to attend sales meetings and other networking meetings that are offered by your district. This is now the second event that I have attended that has been hosted by my district and I am all the better for it. I firmly believe that it gives me an edge over other representatives to be actively involved in district events. Additionally, the opportunity to network with veteran representatives is invaluable as they have vast experience in reaching new customers and retaining them. I would love to hear about some of your experiences with these kinds of events...
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