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Avon sells more tubes of lipstick than any other cosmetics company in America.

- Avon's Bubble Bath is also the #1 Bubble Bath in America.

- In 2006 Avon celebrated its 120 year birthday!

- Avon was started by a 28-year-old male novelist from New York.

- The first 18 products Avon made were perfumes.

- In 1997 Avon Representatives made over $2 billion in commission.

- Avon was the first company in the beauty industry to permanently end the use of animal testing.

- Both Amway Cosmetics and Mary Kay attempted to purchase Avon in 1990.

- In the 1920s there were 25,000 Avon Reps, by the 1970s there were 1 million Avon Reps, and today there are over 5 million Avon Reps worldwide.

- An Avon brochure contains over 2,000 products, including makeup, hair care, skin care, fragrances, home decor, jewelery, nutritional supplements, electronics, apparel, toys, hoisery, and DVDs, just to name a few.
Tough Cookie Mommy

The company was founded in 1886 by then 28-year-old David H. McConnell who sold books door-to-door and gave out perfume to persuade women to buy his books.

Since then, Avon has grown from a small perfume company in New York into a global cosmetics and fragrance industry with almost 5 million representatives. The original product line has expanded to include jewelry, soaps, Christmas ornaments and other household goods. Customers can purchase Avon products through a representative, online, or in certain department stores.

In 2007, Reese Witherspoon became Avon's global ambassador. The actress will be involved in product development, appear in advertisements, and will serve as the honorary chairman of the Avon Foundation.  Most recently, she has launched her new perfume line, In Bloom, to raving reviews. Her affiliation with Avon has catapulted the company into a new market where celebrity endorsements and participation guarantee a wider customer base and audience for their products.

How can you become an Avon Independent Sales Representative?

Considering a career as an Avon Representative? As a Representative, your earnings potential depends on you and your ability to provide reliable and courteous service to your customers. There is no limit to what you can achieve, even as a traditional Representative.

All it takes is $10 and a dream!!

To learn more about the earning opportunity and how to take control of your finances, contact me today!

How are orders shipped to you?
New orders are shipped to you every two weeks through United Parcel Service (UPS)

Does the company ship directly to customers?

Absolutely.  If you order products through my website at you can choose to have items shipped directly to you.  Any orders over 30 dollars are eligible for free shipping.  All other orders have a 3 dollar flat rate shipping fee.

How much commission can you earn?

For your first four campaigns you are guaranteed a 40% commission on every order over 50 dollars.  A new campaign begins every two weeks.  After the first four campaigns, your earnings are based on how much you sell each campaign. You can potentially earn between 20-50% commission depending on your order size.

**Please verify with your District Manager for the most up to date information**

How do you get paid your commission?

You place an order every two weeks, when the new brochure comes out. Once you receive your order, you have until the beginning of your next campaign to deliver to your customers and collect payment. Since new campaigns begin every two weeks, you will have a little over a week and a half to get paid by your customers.  You will earn 20-50% commission depending on your order size. Once you collect all of your customer payments, first you pay Avon and then you pay yourself.  An example would be if you earned 40% on a 100 dollar order, you would pay Avon 60 dollars and keep 40 dollars for yourself.

*You will see any earnings from commission due to online orders from your Avon store reflected directly on your new campaign invoices.

Can I sell Avon online?

Absolutely!  The best part about being an AVON e-representative is your "store" is always open for business, 24 hours a day. Also AVON is running the following promotion: as long as you have one e-customer per campaign, your $7.50 (per campaign) website fee is waived.

Can I design my own website?

Although Avon provides you with the website, you can personalize it by changing the layout and the colors.

Where can I sell and promote my Avon business and products?

You can sell wherever your heart desires!  Your family and friends are a great place to begin and you can branch out by dropping off your brochures, flyers, or business cards in local businesses, schools, residences, etc.  Your online Avon store gives you the opportunity to sell to anyone in the entire United States.  Your customers in other states can have their orders shipped directly to their homes.  Your local customers can still order online through your store and choose to have their items delivered by you through the "Representative delivery" option at checkout.  Your selling opportunities are endless!

Can I offer fundraisers to my customers or other organizations?

Avon offers a wide range of fundraising opportunities to individuals and organizations.

Does Avon offer any training courses to help me start my business?

You can take a wide variety of training courses and webinars at once you sign up and become an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  They teach you everything from running your business to product information.

Do You have to sell through home parties?

No.  Although many Representatives do hold Grand Openings and home parties to sell products and recruit new Representatives, it is not mandated by Avon.



1. You will experience the

flexibility of running your own

home based business.

2. You set your own hours.

3. The cost to start your Avon

business is less than a family

dinner at a fast food restaurant.

4. You are not required to keep

inventory on hand.

5. You have an incredible, unlimited

earnings opportunity.
Tough Cookie Mommy

    This past week, I experienced my first issue with UPS which was extremely frustrating.  I generally receive my Avon orders on Tuesdays and have never had any problem receiving my products on time or missing any of my packages.  Unfortunately, this was not the case this last time...

    It seems that UPS delivered one of my boxes, containing over $400 worth of products to a complete stranger on the other side of the borough that I reside in.  Initially, I was extremely upset, as you can imagine.  It is still difficult for me to comprehend how they UPS driver could deliver a package, that had a label with my name and address on it, to a complete stranger at a totally different address.  Obviously, UPS was ultimately unable to retrieve the package and I was credited the amount of the products to my Avon account.  Hopefully, I can do a good job of retracing the steps that I took so that other Representatives will know what to do should this happen to them.

  The first thing I did was to call UPS with the tracking number for the box that had not been delivered to me.  Once they realized that they had delivered it to the wrong address, they launched an investigation.  The investigation can last up to 8 business days, during which they attempt to retrieve the package and, if they are unable to, they file a claim in order to reimburse Avon for the products that were lost.  It is important that you be proactive throughout this process as they will not be calling you to discuss the outcomes of their investigation.  They notify Avon since they are their shipping client.  You should call and find out what the status of the claim is in order to keep on track of your own account credit.

    Next, I called Avon Customer Service and requested a duplicate order be sent out to me so that I may service my clients and have their products on time.  Avon notified me that they would be filing a partial order credit on my behalf in order to have my account credited for the products that were lost due to the UPS error.  I was a little anxious at first because it took a couple of days for the charge to come off my Avon account.  Next time, I will be a little more patient and wait for the credit.

    This experience has outlined for me and reminded me of the importance of being actively involved in every single facet of your business.  Maintaining contact with the shipper, the shipping company, and your customers guarantees that you will have a smooth operation.  It also exemplifies your level of professionalism.  Being proactive is definitely a key ingredient in the success of your business.