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    This past week, I pre-ordered some of the Reese Witherspoon perfume "In Bloom" gift sets, the new Patrick Dempsey "Unscripted II" cologne, and the handheld camcorder/camera.  The purpose of pre-ordering products is to anticipate your customers' holiday shopping needs in advance and to have these items on hand to show to other prospective customers.  It is the first time that I have evaluated my customer base and made predictions about the items that they would be interested in purchasing.

    The reason why I chose these three items to pre-order was that these were the three items that caught my eye and that I would fervently seek out for my own holiday shopping.  Also, these were some of my favorite items in the new holiday brochure.  The Reese Witherspoon perfume smells heavenly and is being offered in a gift set for the price of 39 dollars which includes the perfume, a scented lotion, and the scented shower gel.  If my customers purchased these three items separately, they would pay 64 dollars as the perfume alone costs 34 dollars.  This is an incredible value, in my opinion, and I am excited that that I will have some of these on hand to offer to my customers. The Patrick Dempsey cologne smells wonderful and is comparable to some of the expensive retail brands so I wanted my customers to have some gift giving option for the men in their lives.  Lastly, the Camcorder is simply amazing!  It is made by Sharper Image and can record video, take pictures, and is an MP3 and MP4 player.  It is about the size of a credit card which made it even more appealing.

    Once I knew that I would have these items on hand, I began to contact the customers that I had anticipated would be very interested in adding these products to their holiday gift inventory.  I immediately knew that I had made the right decision.  All of the customers that I had predicted would want these products for the holidays did not disappoint me.  I am almost completely sold out of most of the items that I pre-ordered.  My customers really appreciated having access to these products in advance and loved the fact that I am gift wrapping the items for them.

    It really pays off when you get to know the needs and preferences of your customers.  Not only do they appreciate the personalized service and attention, but they also love those little extras like not having to worry about gift wrapping because you also provide that service.  I think that these are the little things that separate me from other Independent Avon Representatives.  My customers know that I take pride in knowing each and every one of them on a personal level in order to provide them with the best service and products possible.  Customer Service is indeed an integral part of my Avon business.
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  1. NicheMommy Says:

    That's a great idea! To anticipate their needs (for a few of them at least) and to offer to gift wrap things! Gift wrap is very inexpensive but bothersome to take the time and stop to do it. I wrap really, really well too! You are so awesome.

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